The Ramona

ramona_frameOne of my newest good friends, I met Ramona as my neighbor. She’s quite a bit younger than I am, and that keeps me more informed about the next generation. Her talents are many – outstanding chef, brilliant jazz pianist and composer, constant gardener, web site designer (including mine!) & ayurvedic cook. She has cooked here at the Inn as pat of Cooking with Chefs with her wildly successful “Indian Express”. She and her husband live in the Boston area and spend their weekends making great music.

On the second floor toward the back of the house, with east-west windows, this quiet room has an eclectic east-west style. The queen size bed stands out against geranium green walls and brightly printed drapery panels.  Bedding includes hand pressed sheets, down pillows and down comforter. Furniture for the sitting area is a wrought iron and glass table flanked with comfortable chairs. The en suite bath with pedestal sink and shower is light and bright.

Our Rooms
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